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Canada’s first ‘body farm’ set to open in the spring

January 16, 2020  By Staff

Photo via SSRT.

According to CTV News, Canada is getting its very-first body farm, where scientists can study the decomposition process of real human corpses.

More from the web article below:

Some of the bodies will be buried in shallow graves. Some will be left in vehicles. Others, still, will be placed on the ground outside, exposed to the elements.In all of the scenarios, the human bodies will be meticulously studied by forensic scientists on a daily basis to see how they decompose in their various states.

“Our team goes out there every single day to understand how decomposition is occurring in those different environments and that’s how we get a better understanding of time since death by studying these over weeks, months, and even years,” Shari Forbes, the director of the Secure Site for Research in Thanatology, or the “body farm,” told CTV’s Your Morning in early December.


The body farm is located in Becancour, near Trois-Rivieres, Que., and is an outdoor facility where donated dead bodies are left outside to decay so forensic scientists can learn about decomposition.“All of our research is dictated by what the police and forensic services need,” she said.

As for where the bodies come from, Forbes said they’re all donated to the facility.

The facility is expected to open in the spring and will be Canada’s first body farm.

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