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Canada’s Backster School of Lie Detection trains officials from Cambodia’s Anti-Corruption Unit

September 25, 2019  By Staff

Senior staff from Cambodia Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) recently graduated from Canada’s Backster School of Lie Detection after completing a 10-week basic polygraph course earlier this month in Kingston, Ont.  All members of the Anti-Corruption Unit met the standards outlined by the American Polygraph Association (APA), the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP), Canadian Association of Police Polygraphists (CAPP) and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM).

“In my opinion, the polygraph instrument is essential as we gain not only practical experience at the school, but it also enables us to be efficient when using the system for our investigations and recruitment screening for the Anti-Corruption Unit,” says Chheang Dara, assistant to the ACU.

“The ACU is challenged with the mandate to conduct anti-corruption in every aspect, level, and sectors in Cambodia nationwide through the means of education, prevention, and obstruction, law enforcement and crackdown all corrupt offenses with strong and active participation and cooperation from the public,” reads the mission statement on the Cambodian ACU website.

In addition to receiving mentoring and training from the team of experts in the safety and security industry, students can also access other training resources like the Backster linguistic assistance program.

Upon graduation, Backster alumni then have the opportunity to select from a number of ongoing remote or onsite field assistance and mentorship programs.

“This is the first time our government sent six people from our organization to learn about polygraph, and we chose Backster because of its prestigious reputation,” says Ma Soyenda, assistant to ACU.  “Also, the team at Backster was very supportive in helping us adapt within Kingston by providing food services similar to what we have at home and with cultural tours.”

Backster’s polygraph courses are held at its home office in Kingston, Ont., as well as international locations around the world. The Backster School of Lie Detection is the only private polygraph school operating in Canada and is a division of Limestone Technologies, a polygraph software, and instrumentation solution provider.

The Backster School of Lie Detection was founded in 1959 by polygraph examiner and researcher, Cleve Backster. In 2017, Limestone Technologies acquired the Backster School of Lie Detection to continue the work of Cleve Backster in polygraph education and to maintain the schools’ position as an international player in the safety and security industry.

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