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Calgary upgrades Opticom traffic signal priority system

Calgary has upgraded its Opticom traffic signal priority system from Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) to access the latest-generation GPS-enabled technology.

August 31, 2017  By Staff

City of Calgary

The Opticom system works alongside intersection controllers to help emergency vehicles move through intersections quickly and safely, according to GTT, and allows public transport vehicles to request green light priority to ensure on-time arrival for transit passengers.

When an emergency vehicle needs to navigate an intersection, the Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) system onboard the emergency vehicle sends a request to the intersection’s controller ahead of its arrival. If the request is granted, the light turns green and the vehicle gets a clear path. Opticom allows public transportation agencies to extend or truncate green cycle times, GTT states, and in turn, transit vehicles are on the road less, which can “significantly reduce fuel and other fleet operations costs.”

In Calgary, Opticom EVP and TSP systems are integrated and now the existing solutions are being upgraded from Infrared-based technology to GPS-enabled, which avoids the need for line-of-sight communication between the vehicle and the intersection.

GTT’s president Jason Lund said, “We are delighted to continue working with the city of Calgary to provide both emergency services and public transit providers and passengers with an upgraded, next-generation traffic signal priority system,” said Jason Lund, GTT president.


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