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VIDEO: Calgary Advantage: Cst Susan Gronberg

October 27, 2022  By Blue Line Staff

The CPS Recruiting and Selection Unit is currently proactively recruiting new applicants and experienced officers in many communities within the province and across Canada. CPS Recruiting and Selection Unit has traveled outside Alberta where it we learned that many applicants must pay for their training and upon beginning employment have had to travel 90 minutes or more each way prior to the beginning of the shift. Further, the cost of living far exceeds new officer salaries making home ownership a large barrier. None of these barriers are existing in Calgary, in fact, moving to our city will benefit potential applicants in multiple following ways.

The “Calgary Advantage” to highly competitive applicants includes paid training, work/life balance, home ownership opportunities, urban/rural lifestyle, access to a sporting lifestyle in the Rockies, BC, and Montana. Further, CPS recruiting will be travelling to Ontario in September and October 2022 where a longer recruiting drive is currently in the planning phase.


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