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The financial investigation element • A global perspective

Despite massive leaps forward in the world of technology, information sharing and an increasingly sophisticated cyber platform for crime to take place, “the essence of an investigation still needs to be that thorough search for the truth, that analysis of the available intelligence in evidence, and trying to make sense of the objective in mind to hopefully secure the investigation,” says Mick Creedon, the former chief constable in Derbyshire, England, in the first episode of Blue Line, The Podcast.

December 14, 2018  By Melissa Damota

Creedon was the national lead for the police service in matters including serious and organized crime, covert policing, investigative interviewing, money laundering, financial investigation and asset recovery. He also served as the policing lead in the development of the network of multi-force and multi-agency regional organized crime units.

Listen to our conversation with Creedon in the box below. He chats more about financial investigation as part of the investigators’ toolbox as well as enhancing the attack on criminality. This episode looks at what the modern-day investigator has to do and can do, including the need to utilize the opportunities offered by financial investigation.

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Disclaimer: Altia-ABM recently appointed Mick Creedon as a strategic policing adviser.

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