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Blue Line launches new search tool

June 16, 2016  By Tom Rataj

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Blue Line launches new search tool

is pleased to announce the launch of our new enhanced website search function.

Through the search field located at the top-right corner of each page, users can now search the Blue Line archives by simply entering a keyword or phrase related to the item you are looking for.


Instead of presenting bland text-based results, the search function displays the cover-image of the issue in which the item appears, along with the month and year and a short section with the keyword or phrase. A maximum of five issues are displayed on each page along with controls to navigate to further pages.

Users simply click on the desired cover image or associated text to open an electronic copy of the magazine to the page on which the keyword or phrase appears. When the two-page spread opens, users can navigate the page using standard mouse controls: a single mouse-click zooms in or out to increase readability, and a click, hold and drag action lets you move the page in any direction when zoomed-in.

To navigate forward or backward in any selected issue, users just hover the cursor over the top or bottom corners of the two-page spread and click once to flip the pages in that direction. The launch version doesn’t allow jumping to specific pages but pages can be flipped one at a time. If the search needs to be refined, the search box conveniently appears at the top of the results listing page.

This new tool unlocks the substantial content of Blue Line’s archives, and allows all readers and past, present and future advertisers to quickly research anything that has appeared in the magazine.

We use the new tool internally to help us quickly find specific content. Readers, advertisers and visitors to the site can quickly search for articles, advertisements and other materials.

It’s quick, easy and elegant. Check it out at <>.

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