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Blue Line, The Podcast: Bonus episode • Police & Pandemic PPE check-in

Five police leaders from across Canada share what’s happening on the mask & glove scene

April 30, 2020  By Staff

On April 16 Blue Line hosted its very first virtual roundtable, where we invited five police leaders to turn on their webcams for a joint discussion via video.

Special thanks to those who joined us:

  • Saskatoon Police Inspector Patrick Nogier
  • York Regional Police Staff Sergeant Christopher Plante
  • RCMP Assistant Commissioner of Contract and Indigenous Policing Dennis Daley
  • Delta Police Superintendent Harj Sidhu
  • Inspector Trevor Hermanutz with the Edmonton Police Service’s Pandemic Response Command

We thought it was a good time to check in with various agencies in an array of locations, as we continue to manage and strive to slow the outbreak of COVID-19. Specifically, after watching social media the last month or so, we wanted to discuss PPE — personal protective equipment.

“We’re all in the same boat as far as potential supply of PPE, if this becomes protracted,” said RCMP Assistant Commissioner Dennis Daley. “The one thing I can tell you, though, is that our employees want the PPE for sure and it’s the number one question asked of us.”


Now, for this special bonus episode, Blue Line, The Podcast is sharing that engaging and enlightening conversation caught on video via audio.

Listen to the SoundCloud link below for the full conversation or wherever you get your podcasts under Annex Business Media: Podcasts.

You can also stream the show here at or on our own playlist here:

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Additionally, our April podcast episode that kicked off at the top of the month tackled COVID-19 concerns for our blue families with former police chief, Senator Vern White. Listen here.

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