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Be Weapon equipment management and tracking solution

The Be Weapon solution by STid was developed in 2012 for the French special forces and later for police departments. It is an equipment management and tracking solution with RFID tags.

November 15, 2018  By Staff

This saves a lot of time (and money) in armoury stocks management of equipment: rifle, gun, ballistic protection, scope, night vision, pepper spay, taser, ammo… and everything else, radio, body worn cam, speed, alcohol & drug controllers, vehicles keys… You know where your equipment is, and who has it, always!
Be Weapon is “optimising operational management, improving operational logistics for rapid deployment with very short notice (SWAT, K9 teams), speeding up preparation of weapon cases and improving reliability of day-to-day operations (maintenance) and tracking (accountability).”

Be Weapon has a multi-site architecture and the data storage is managed by an automatic recording system. Data is secured on removable readers. With the cloning technique, the computer replacement can be done in few minutes without losing data, the company adds.
To be identified on the fixed reading point or by the mobile reader, every weapon must be equipped with an RFID tag. The RFID tag has a unique number that have no more meaning than the weapon serial number engraved.
STid tags are small and available in various shapes and sizes to allow their integration into an armrest, or on small equipment (sights, accessories, etc.).

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