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APEX Ammunition upland bird TSS loads

February 22, 2022  By Blue Line Staff

Photo credit: APEX Ammunition

APEX Ammunition has announced its Upland Bird TSS shotshells are now shipping. These handloaded, ultra-high-density Tungsten Super Shot loads deliver a non-toxic round.

At 18.1 g/cc density, APEX TSS is denser than Lead (11.34 g/cc), Bismuth (9.8g/cc), Copper (8.8g/cc), or Steel (7.84 g/cc), allowing the use of smaller-sized TSS pellets and more of them per payload. The result is designed to be more pellets on target and power at longer ranges.

These handloaded upland shotshells feature clean-burning powder and a one-piece, Tungsten-grade wad system engineered to deliver a tight patten and barrel protection.

APEX Upland Bird is available in 3-inch 12- and 20-gauge loads. Upland 28 gauge 2 ¾-inch and .410 bore 2 ½ and 3-inch loads are also available.

For more information on APEX Upland offerings, visit:

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