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Antje McNeely is the 17th chief of Kingston Police

Antje McNeely is the 17th chief of Kingston Police and the first female police chief for the 167-year-old service.

November 9, 2018
By Staff


She is also the first chief of police to be hired from within the organization since 1994. McNeely, currently deputy chief, started as a constable in 1985 after completing her bachelor of science degree. In 2017 she helped establish the External Sexual Assault Case Review Program, which provides external, independent reviews of sexual assault cases investigated by Kingston Police. She will be officially sworn in on Nov. 30.

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3 Comments » for Antje McNeely is the 17th chief of Kingston Police
  1. Jack Jeswiet says:

    I wish to send a letter as an email attachement to the Chief of Police. Where can I do this?

    I am not a twitter or Facebook user. I use email with attachements.

    Jack Jeswiet

  2. Edward Shea says:

    Chief McNeely
    October 7 CBC news had an article: «  London (ON) Police stopped vehicles with modified and/or excessively loud exhaust systems. »
    The results: No muffler or improper muffler (110 charges).
    Causing noise likely to disturb (38 charges) »
    We live on Ontario St. and are often kept awake by « supped up » cars or cars racing. I have made two reports to the police station. I don’t think there have been changes. If London can do something, why not Kingston? Thanks.

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