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Alberta town fights for better rural policing

June 7, 2022  By Blue Line Staff

June 7, 2022, Coaldale, Alta. – Alberta’s government is urging the Federal government to increase support for policing in Coaldale, the only small town in Canada that has to pay 100% of the costs for RCMP policing.

For eight years, Coaldale has lobbied for the federal government to fund its policing costs at the same rate it funds other small towns. If it did so, the federal government would be paying 30 per cent of the costs. Because of the federal government’s refusal to do so, ratepayers in Coaldale have been saddled with $4 million in extra costs.

The federal government has shown a willingness to fix this problem in the past, but unfortunately not in Coaldale. In 2012, two small municipalities in eastern Canada that were required to pay 100 per cent of the costs for the RCMP were made eligible for the cost-sharing agreement.

Alberta’s government is trying to fix this situation. An open letter to the federal Minister of Public Safety has been sent supporting Coaldale and further actions are being explored.

If Alberta implements a provincial police service, the cost-sharing agreement for all small towns will be honoured. Alberta’s government also commits to funding the federal government’s portion of funding for Coaldale throughout the transition period.

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